William Optics Announces First of Series of Internal Focus Design Apochromatic Refractors

Williams Optics WIFD GT81 APO refractor. Credit: Williams Optics

Designed to handle for long, heavy image trains that can cause tilt at the focuser of refractors, Williams Optics has introduced the first in a line of Williams Optics Internal Focus Design (WIFD) telescopes, the Gran Turismo 81mm f/5.9 apochromatic triplet refractor. Unlike traditional focusers, the WIFD moves the focuser from the rear exterior of the telescope to the inside, with the drawtube remaining in the main chassis of the telescope. Movement is achieved via a rack and pinion with two-speed focusing. The new Gran Turismo 81mm also features a temperature compensated lens cell design and an included field rotator. William Optics states that the WIFD will be other size refractors as well.

MSRP: $1998





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