Vaonis Launches Hyperia Automated “Observation Station”

Hyperia in the open (left) and closed positions. Credit: Vaonis

French startup Vaonis has announced its latest automated telescope, Hyperia, which the company describes as “a hybrid between the connected telescope and the astronomical observatory”, with everything from the pier to the electronics integrated into a single unit. The optical design is a 150mm f/7 apochromatic triplet refractor that closes into the pier for storage. Standing 6.9 feet tall when open for use, the 165-lb Hyperia closes into to a 5.6 feet tall cylinder less than 16 inches in diameter when stowed. Hyperia’s utilizes the new Sony IMX455 full-frame, high-sensitivity, backlit, 61 megapixel CMOS sensor, which is replaceable for future-proofing. Direct drives are used for pointing and tracking, with everything housed in Zicral, an alloy used in the aerospace industry. The Hyperia is modular and made to order with pricing on the mini-observatory starting at $45,000.

MSRP: Starting at $45,000




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