Vaonis Introduces Vespera Automated Portable Telescope System

French telescope manufacturer Vaonis is now accepting pre-orders for their new Vespera automated portable telescope. This compact instrument builds on the technology developed for the company’s Stellina telescope and includes apochromatic optics and control and processing software that delivers color images of hundreds of solar system and deep-sky objects. The Vespera is based around a quadruplet f/4 apochromatic refractor of 50mm aperture and a motorized alt-azimuth mount. The integrated camera features a 1/2.8” format IMX462 Sony CMOS sensor that delivers JPG, TIFF, or FITS images with a 1920×1080 resolution and a 1.6ox0.9o field of view. Initialization, alignment, tracking, image de-rotation and stacking are entirely automated. The Vespera is controlled with the Vaonis Singularity app for iOS and Android, which includes an object catalog, educational content, and manual image processing capabilities. With a length of 15” and weight of 11lbs, the Vespera is compact enough to fit in a backpack and features IP43 water resistance. Expected availability: Q3 2022.


MSRP: $1,499

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