Two New Books to Help You Prepare for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse 

The North American total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 is fast approaching and two new books are now available to help eclipse watchers plan for and enjoy this rare celestial event. Written by two of the leading experts on eclipses, Eclipse Bulletin: Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 April 8 features a comprehensive compilation of facts about this eclipse to help with planning and observation. Exact details about the path of the Moon’s shadow, geographic coordinates and timing, altitudes, and physical dimensions are included along with 11 high-resolution maps that track the eclipse across hundreds of cities and towns in Mexico, the USA, and Canada. The book is available in black-and-white or color editions. Learn more about the book at this link.

Available as an e-book from the Apple Bookstore, Eclipse Day 2024 and More offers detailed how-to instructions for the novice eclipse chaser. Written by an avid amateur astronomer, this book extensively breaks down steps for planning, preparing, and observing the eclipse from choosing a location, setting up equipment, safe visual observation, photography, and videography. It includes more than 225 illustrations and interactive online maps that help with finding and tracking the eclipse across North America.


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