The Eclipse Almanac, 2021 to 2070

The Eclipse Almanac has five volumes, one for each decade covered. Credit: AstroPixels

Fred Espenak, known informally as Mr. Eclipse, has published the Eclipse Almanac with a volume covering each decade from the 2020s to the 2070s. This latest work from the former NASA scientist continues his decades-long string of eclipse publications that included NASA’s eclipse bulletins. Each volume of the Eclipse Almanac includes maps and diagrams of every solar and lunar eclipse occurring during that decade. Details include the circumstances of the eclipse, the eclipse type (with explanations), locations, local circumstances, and much more. Espenak’s publications are educational for beginners, provide essential information for confirmed eclipse chasers, and are browse-worthy for the curious.

MSRP: Per volume: Color: $16.99, Black and White: $11.99, Kindle e-book: $7.99.



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