Takahashi Releases TOA 645 for Specific Takahashi Models

The Takahashi TOA 645 Flattener for specific Takahashi telescopes. Credit: Takahashi America

Takahashi has released a new field flattener design specifically for their TOA-130N and TOA-150B telescopes. The Takahashi TOA 645 Flattener features two fully multi-coated lens elements in two groups and provides correction across a 60 mm image circle. RMS spot diameters are 1 micron on-axis, 2 microns over a 30 mm image circle, and 3 microns over a 43 mm image circle, and 5 microns over the full diameter of 60 mm. The flattener is model-specific with spacers as needed for the two models but optically identical. M72 thread allows it to be used on both the TOA-130NFBand TOA-130NS. Various adapters are available for proper fit and back distance.

MSRP: $800


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