Stellarvue Announces a New 127mm f/8 Doublet Refractor

The Stellarvue SVX127D 127mm f/8 doublet refractor. Credit: Stellarvue

Stellarvue has announced a new model in their SVX-series line of refractors, the SVX127D. The 127mm f/8 ED doublet is aimed at planetary and small deep-sky targets. The optics are figured in-house by Stellarvue, which guarantees a 0.99-0.996 Strehl rating without trefoil or spherical error. Tube rings and a Zygo interferometric test report taken at full aperture are included. Pre-orders are being accepted with a $500 deposit, with shipments expected to be begin in late 2021.



MSRP: $2995 with a Stellarvue 3″ focuser



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