Starlight Express Announces New Oculus PRO All-Sky Camera

Starlight Xpress’ new Oculus PRO All-Sky Camera delivers wide-field sky images for weather, meteor, and auroral observations. The Oculus PRO features a 1.4-megapixel ICX825AL Sony ExView II CCD with a resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels and large 6.45 micron pixels with a read noise of 3.5e. The sensor gathers light with the help of an f/1.2 ‘fish-eye’ lens with a focal length of 2.55 mm and a 150-degree field of view. Its USB2.0 interface transfers a full resolution image in 0.6s. This new PRO version of the Oculus has built-in dew detection systems which activate the internal dew heater only when necessary, so the camera is not heated when the humidity is low. The optical assembly is housed in a replaceable all-weather polycarbonate hemisphere. The overall size of the Oculus Pro is 150mm (height) and 95mm (diameter).


MSRP: $1020 (not including VAT)

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