Starfield Optics Releases a New 60mm f/5 Petzvel APO Astrograph, the GÉAR60Q

The Starfield GÉAR60Q 60mm Petzval APO Astrograph. Credit: Starfield Optics

Starfield Optics has released a new Petzvel APO for astrophotography in their GÉAR lineup, the 60mm GÉAR60Q Quad f/5 Astrograph. The GÉAR60Q’s APO element consists of a 2-element lens with FPL53 to eliminate color fringing and a 2-element field corrector is built into the focuser tube. The design ensures proper spacing between the camera and objective lens as well as coverage of full-frame sensors with its 44mm image circle. The 2.5″ rack and pinion focuser includes a manual camera rotator, a tilt adjustment plate, and an integrated filter holder for 2″ filters. The focuser also features ball bearing support for the drawtube, focuser motor compatibility, and a 1:10 gear reduction. The GÉAR60Q includes an integrated handle, a long dovetail plate, and a soft case with die cut foam with space for the optional focusing motor, a camera, and other accessories.

MSRP: $1100 (USD)





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