Sharpstar Introduces FMA230 Triplet Scope and Astrograph

The Sharpstar FMA230 does double duty for observing and wide-field imaging. Credit: Sharpstar

Sharpstar’s latest addition to the FMA family is the FMA230, which doubles as a small telescope and astrograph. The FMA230’s objective lens is a three-element 50mm ED f/5.5 lens that can uses 1.25″ and 2″ eyepieces with the included adapters. Adding the four-element 0.84x focal reducer converts the FMA230 into an f/4.6 astrograph. The included Vixen-style dovetail plate has slots to allow easy mounting on a camera tripod, and the detachable top-side handle can be used to mount finders, guiders, or other accessories. The handle/mount includes slots to allow mounting the FMA230 on Arca-Swiss clamps. The included tall tube rings hold the FMA230 away from the mount to allow room for cameras and other devices.

MSRP: $639




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