Return of a Classic: Guy Ottewell’s Astronomical Calendar 2022 E-Book Reviewed

A perennial favorite, the Astronomical Calendar, returns in 2022 in e-book format. Credit: Universal Workshop

An indispensable astronomy guide is making a comeback. Since 1974, Guy Ottewell has put out his annual Astronomical Calendar. Over 43 years, the Astronomical Calendar became a classic, a must-have guide to astronomy and the sky for the coming year. Produced in a large magazine format, the yearly Astronomical Calendar was a true treasure, interspersed with intriguing astronomical factoids, links and insights into the history and mythology of astronomy, and unique perspectives of events such as eclipses, occultations and more, all constructed under Guy’s artistic eye.

The Astronomical Calendar 2022

Certainly, producing such a unique guide every year was a strain for the one-man Universal Workshop productions. Guy discontinued the paper Astronomical Guide in 2016, though he continued with astronomical commentary on his blog. We’re happy to announce that the annual Astronomical Guide is back, now in e-book form. The Astronomical Calendar 2022 is available for $12.00 U.S. as a PDF download filled with highlights for sky-watching for the coming year.

Venus as it appears in the morning sky during 2022 as illustrated in the Astronomical Calendar 2022. Credit: Universal Workshop

The guide includes primers for astronomy and an astronomical glossary to get beginners started, though even advanced observers will learn a thing a two from Guy’s wisdom as well. Ottewell brings a poetic passion to his love of the sky and astronomy, a tall order for something as otherwise dry as a table of astronomical events. The 130-page tome contains illustrated sky scenes for each month, providing views and perspectives for events from Earth and from space, with details of 618 separate events for the coming year. I’ve always particularly liked the unique way the Astronomical Calendar depicts solar and lunar eclipses, and its depictions of how meteor streams that create showers intersect the path of the Earth.

Minor Planet Vesta’s position and brightness through the year as illustrated in the Astronomical Calendar 2022. Credit: Universal Workshop

Other differences in the new e-guide versus the old print version are color illustrations (the old guide used two-color, blue-and-black illustrations), more images and detail in general, and better resolution on said images, suitable for large screens or printing at high resolution. In addition to its portability in the field on a small tablet or laptop, the newer e-version of the guide has monthly sky charts that will be useful for years to come.

Be sure to download the Astronomical Calendar 2022, an essential guide to all things sky-watching in 2022!

MSRP: $12


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