PrimaLuceLab Releases GIOTTO Series of Flat-Frame Generators


PrimaLuceLab has announced their new GIOTTO series of flat-frame generators for astrophotography. With an array of LEDs and a light diffuser to achieve a uniformly illuminated field, GIOTTO flat-field generators attach and lock in place on the front of a telescope with included thumbscrews and runs off a 12V power source. The device is controlled with any Windows computer through a USB-C port. It also comes with WiFi connectivity and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. The integrated control electronics enable adjustment of light intensity from 0% to 100%. GIOTTO also comes with a dedicated ASCOM driver to allow control through third party astrophotography software. With the optional ALTO telescope cover motor, GIOTTO can be operated remotely. These flat frame generators are available in diameters from 120mm to 430mm, and larger diameters can be made on request. 



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