PrimaLuceLab ESATTO 3,5″ LP low profile robotic focuser

PrimaLucaLab ESATTO 3.5 low-profile focuser. Credit: PrimaLucaLab

PrimaLuceLab has announced a new low-profile 3.5-inch robotic focuser for telescopes with little available backfocus. The ESATTO 3,5″ LP is 32mm thick, and provides a 90mm free aperture with up to 10 kg of payload. ESATTO 3,5” LP provides 10mm of travel with resolution of 0.01 microns per step. ESATTO 3,5” LP can be control by PrimaLuceLab’s Eagle controller or a Windows computer via a USB-C port, and includes an ARCO port to connect to PrimaLucaLab’s ARCO rotator, a temperature probe port, WiFi for wireless control with a smartphone or tablet, and dimmable LED lights. ESATTO 3,5” LP will be available beginning November 5th.

MSRP: $1195




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