Player One Introduces Four CMOS Cameras for Solar Imaging

Player One has added the new Apollo-C color camera to their line of dedicated solar imaging cameras. The Apollo-C features an IMX174 sensor with 2.3-megapixel resolution, 13.3 mm diagonal, and 5.86-micron pixels. With a color sensor, the camera works well for solar imaging with telescopes equipped with white-light solar filters and for lunar imaging, ISS imaging, and live broadcasts. Like all Player One Apollo cameras, the Apollo-C features passive air cooling, a 256MB DDR3 data buffer, a global shutter, dead-pixel suppression (DPS) technology, and a built-in tilt plate to eliminate Newton’s rings. The Apollo product line by Player One also includes the Apollo-M camera with monochrome IMX174 sensor, the smaller sensor Apollo-M Mini with 11mm diagonal and 4.5-micron pixels, and the 1.7 megapixel Apollo-M Max with a 17.5mm diagonal and large 9-micron pixels for solar imaging with longer focal lengths.


MSRP: $499 (for Apollo-C Camera)

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