Planewave Releases Delta Rho 350 f/3 CDK Telescope for Wide-Field Astrophotography

Planewave Delta Rho 350 wide-field telescope. Credit: Planewave

The PlaneWave Delta Rho 350 f/3 CDK telescope is now available for purchase. Designed for wide field imaging, the Delta Rho 350 has a Corrected Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain optical design with a 13.7″ (350mm) aperture and focal length of 41.3″ (1050mm). The imaging circle of the Deltra Rho 350 is 60mm in  diameter, covering more than 3 degrees of sky. The position of the primary mirror is fixed within the carbon fiber tube and trusses, with collimation achieved by adjustment of the secondary mirror. Backfocus is 5.6″ (142.24 mm) from the mounting surface. Built-in dew heaters and cooling fans on both the primary and secondary optics can be controlled when optional controllers are installed.

MSRP: $18,500




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