PlaneWave Offers Integrated Adaptive Optics on Select Telescopes

PlaneWave Instruments imaging with adaptive optics system off (left) and on. Credit: PlaneWave Instruments

PlaneWave Instruments has announced a partnership with HartSci to provide integrated adaptive optics systems on their Rc700, CDK700, and PW1000 telescopes. The integrated system is delivered and installed when the telescope is installed, eliminating the need for customers to contract with separate vendors to customize, manufacture, and install an adaptive optics system on their previously-purchased PlaneWave telescopes. Adaptive optics uses fast-moving or deformable mirrors to correct for the atmospheric motion that disturbs the incoming starlight commonly known as seeing, which causes blurring and distorting of images. Adaptive optics is now used on virtually all new, large professional telescopes, usually designed and built speficially for each new observatory. The PlaneWave/HarsSci integrated system is a first for smaller research grade telescopes used for demanding observations requiring the greatest precision and data throughput.


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