Orion StarShoot G21 Color Camera for Fast High-Resolution

Orion’s new StarShoot G21 Imaging Camera (MSRP: $949.99) boasts a 20.9M color CMOS array and a frame rate of 18 per second for shooting both deep sky and planetary objects. The G21 has smaller (and far more) pixels than Orion’s G10, providing 80% higher resolution, as well as greater quantum efficiency, though it doesn’t quite match the G10’s dynamic range and read noise. The G21 is thermoelectrically cooled up to 40 C below ambient and can be fitted to focusers, coma correctors, field flatteners, and off-axis guiders via either a 2-inch nose piece or built-in T-thread. With a high-speed USB 3.0 ASCOM-compatible interface, the G21 can be used with most popular imaging software.

MSRP: $949.99

Website: http://www.telescope.com

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