Orion Acquires Meade Instruments in Bankruptcy Reorganization

Optronic Technologies, Inc., commonly known as Orion Telescope and Binoculars, announced today that they have acquired “substantially all of the assets” of Meade Instruments as a result of Meade’s bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy plan was approved by a federal court in California in April so this latest news is not a surprise, but it finalizes a proceeding that has been in the courts since late 2019. Orion was the largest debtor listed in the bankruptcy, which was precipitated by a federal court decision in 2019 that Meade had colluded with other Chinese optics manufacturers in a price-fixing scheme that constituted a monopoly. Orion has promised that the Meade brand, along with Meade warranties and customer support, will continue.

Orion’s statement on the acquisition can be found at:

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