Unistellar eVscope

Unistellar eVscope. Credit: Unistellar

The eVscope (MSRP: $2999) from Unistellar is now shipping, two years after the company’s high-profile Kickstarter
campaign raised $2.2 million USD for product development. The eVscope uses electronics and image
stacking to increase the brightness of faint celestial objects in the 4.5-inch telescope’s eyepiece.

With Unistellar’s proprietary Autonomous Field Detection software, the company says the eVscope is a “smart turn-key telescope.” Citizen science networks, including one organized by the SETI Institute, are now
making use of the eVscope’s capabilities. Supplies are limited, with the next batch shipping in August

MSRP: $2999.00 USD

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