New PocketCW2 Sky Quality Monitor Introduced by Lunatico

Lunatico Pocket CW2. Credit: Lunatico

Lunatico has announced a new portable sky quality monitor, the Pocket CW2, to its line of instruments for monitoring weather and astronomical conditions. The Pocket CW2 includes sensors for cloud detection, relative humidity, temperature, pressure, wind, and sky brightness, along with configurable alarms to notify users of conditions that exceed user-defined limits during observing or photography sessions. Unlike Lunatico’s Cloudwatcher, the Pocket CW2 is not meant for permanent installation at an observatory but as a portable device that can be used at remote locations. Configuration is managed using a PC through a USC-C cable. The new device measures 71mm x 71mm x 27mm (2.8in. x 2.8in. x 1.1in.) and weighs less than 85g (3oz.). Units are expected to ship in April 2023.



MSRP: Pre-sale: $245; regular price $325



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