New AI Optical Telescope Collimation Software SkyWave-Collimation from Innovations Foresight

Innovations Foresight has developed a unique solution for quantitative optical telescope collimation using their patented AI based wavefront sensing (AIWFS) technology. Their new SkyWave-Collimator (SKW) software package features a simple and intuitive collimation tool for that does not require any dedicated wavefront sensor, such as a Shack-Hartmann or interferometer. It requires only a means to defocus the telescope and a user-supplied camera and standard image acquisition software that delivers a FIT file. AIWFS outputs the actual wavefront as well as any relevant figures of merit from just a single image of an actual or artificial star, or even many stars for simultaneously retrieving field dependent (on- and off-axis) aberrations from a single image frame at once. Telescope collimation with SKW requires no special collimation equipment. See the AGT review of SkyWave-Collimator here.


MSRP: Various plans including pay-per-use and unlimited use. See the website for details.
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