Guy Ottowell’s Astronomical Calendar for 2023 Is Available in Both Print and Electronic Forms

The Astronomical Calendar 2023 is available in both e-book and printed formats. Credit: Universal Workshop

Guy Ottowell’s classic Astronomical Calendar is back in print. After gracing amateur astronomers’ bookshelves for 43 years, publication ceased in 2016. The Astronomical Calendar returned in 2022 as an e-book only, but the 2023 is now also available in printed form.

The 2023 Astronomical Calendar contains 139 pages and hundreds of illustrations including charts and 3-D views. Each month has six pages describing events, a sky map, a diagram of where the planets are in their orbits, and 20 of the night sky highlights of the month. Additional sections feature the Sun and seasons, the Moon, eclipses, occultations, planets, asteroids, and meteor showers, including explanations of features and a glossary.


Users will find the printed book handy for switching between sections, such as reading an event page while also checking sections specific to the objects involved. The electronic book allows zooming in to see illustration details in full resolution and searching for subjects of interest.

MSRP: Electronic version: $12; Printed book: $21



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