Explore Scientific Announces ReflexSight Non-Magnifying Finder 


Explore Scientific ReflexSight non-magnifying finder. Credit: Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific improves upon a popular design with their new ReflexSight non-magnifying finder. Featuring a non-blocking multi-dot reticle in standard 4.0 degree, 2.0 degree, and 0.5 degree circular patterns, the ReflexSight makes it easier to star hop around the night sky. The finder fits on common dovetail-style finder bases so it can be attached to most telescopes. It also includes a 1/4-20 threaded adapter to attach to other devices like piggyback camera adapters. The finder’s illumination system has a low power draw to provide long continuous operating time on two standard AAA batteries. It also features a smooth plastic body that eliminates sharp corners, a large knob for brightness control, and three large, rear-facing, no-tool knobs for that make it easy to adjust alignment, even while wearing gloves.



MSRP: $79.95


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