Celestron Releases Dew Heater Ring for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes

Celestron 14″ Dew Heater Ring. Credit: Celestron

The Celestron Dew Heater Ring is a new dew prevention solution for Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. The Dew Heater Ring permanently replaces the plastic retaining ring on the Schmidt corrector lens of Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain, EdgeHD, and RASA optical tubes. The ring is constructed of aluminum and supports the cable circuity as well as the telescope’s Schmidt corrector lens. The Celestron Dew Heater Ring heats the corrector glass directly rather than heating the lens cell holding the lens, providing more efficient transfer of heat to prevent dew formation.

The ring can plug into an external 12V DC power source. The Dew Heater Ring includes two storage clips to keep the power and thermistor jacks secure when not in use, and allowing use of the telescope’s dust cover. A cable management clip connects to the telescope’s front cell to prevent the power and thermistor jacks from dangling while reducing weight on the cable connections.


Celestron also offers the  optional Smart DewHeater Controller that uses the ring’s built-in thermistor and internal environmental sensor to control the amount of heat provided to the corrector based on the ambient temperature, humidity, and temperature at the Schmidt corrector. The ring can also be attached to one of the controllers’ heater output ports with an included extension cable, and additional ports for power and USB accessories, depending on the version.

Celestron also offers dew plastic and aluminum shields to further reduce the power needs of the dew heater.

Dew Heater Ring: $39.95 (5″) to $159.95 (14″)
Smart DewHeater Controller: $259.95 to $439.95
Dew Shield:  $34.95 (6″ and 8″ plastic) to $299.95 (14″ aluminum)





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