About Robert Reeves

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Robert Reeves has been exploring the Moon since 1958 and took his first lunar photograph in 1959. He began telescopic astronomy with a four-inch Criterion Dynascope. Today, Reeves uses a Celestron 11 Edge HD, a Sky-Watcher 180mm Maksutov, and a Sky-Watcher 20-inch Stargate Dobsonian for lunar photography, and a Celestron C-14 with a Hyperstar for deep-sky photography from his Perspective Observatory located in central Texas. Robert has published over 250 magazine articles and 200 newspaper columns about astronomy and has authored several books, including The Superpower Space Race, The Conquest of Space (co-authored with Fritz Bronner), Wide-Field Astrophotography, Introduction to Digital Astrophophotography and, most recently, Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography. Although Robert Reeves is an accomplished deep sky astrophotographer, his current passion is re-popularizing the Moon with the public and the amateur astronomy community. He enjoys speaking to astronomy conventions and spreading his passion for the Moon.