Astro-Physics Announces Carry-on Compatible 110mm f/6 Starfire GTX Refractor

Astro-Physics has released their latest telescope, a 110mm refractor that’s small enough to fit into an airline overhead luggage case. The new 110mm Starfire GTX is a dual-purpose f/6 refractor with a fast, highly-corrected triplet objective. The refractor also serves as an visual instrument with a high polychromatic Strehl ratio for a compact triplet lens. The objective uses Japanese super-ED glass along with two matched elements to provide what Asrto-Physics claims is diffraction-limited performance from deep red to deep violet. When used with the telecompressor-corrector (TCC), the scope operates at f/5 and covers full-frame sensors of popular CMOS cameras, matching well with the 3.75-micron pixels commonly found in these cameras. The polychromatic spot size lies within the Airy disc limit, even at the periphery of a full frame sensor. The scope also includes a 3.5″ Astro-Physics 9:1 dual-speed focuser with a greaseless drawtube and a fully retractable felt-lined dew shield.



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