Askar Announces New 107mm Quadruplet Super APO Astrograph

The Askar 107PHQ 107mm f/7 Astrograph. Credit: Askar

Askar Lens is introducing a new product for widefield astrophotography, the 107PHQ 107 mm F/7 Quadruplet Flatfield Super APO Astrograph. The four-element Petzval system consists of a color-correct triplet objective and a corrector lens built into the optical tube, eliminating the need for a separate field flattener, with two elements made of ED glass. The astrograph produces an image circle field of 66mm, enough to cover a full-frame sensor. The 3.4″ RAP focuser with micro-reduction and 360° rotation has a travel distance of 95mm and is rated for a load of 8kg. It can also be used for visual observing with 1.25″ and 2″ diagonals and eyepieces. The standard package includes an Askar 107PHQ OTA, a set of four-piece M86-M48 adapters, a pair of tube rings, a 300mm Askar Vixen-style dovetail plate, and an aluminum suitcase.

MSRP: $2495




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