APQ Introduces 150mm f/8 Polychromatic Refractor


German optics maker APQ announced their new 150mm f/8 fluorite polychromatic refractorpolychromatic refractor, the first in a series of refractors optimized to work over the full wavelength range available to modern CMOS and CCD cameras. This new telescope features an oil-spaced quadruplet objective with a CaF2 element with additional elements made of Schott and Ohara glasses. Unlike most apochromats, the APQ objective does not show any decrease of Strehl ratio near or below the diffraction limit in the peripheral regions of the visual spectrum. The polychromatic design enables the quadruplet objective to operate from 365nm to 1014nm, ideal for imaging over the entire UVBRI range. To further enhance performance, the quadruplet objective is held in a novel cell that compensates for temperature drift. The telescope also features an optical tube designed to minimize thermal effects and maximize contrast, a retractable and lockable dew cap, and a dual-speed rotatable Feather Touch focuser. 


MSRP: 23,490 Euros


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